Scientific Program

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Tuesday July 2, 2013

14h00-16h30 Field demonstration (Ifsttar test sites)


18h00-19h00 Icebreaker

Wednesday July 3, 2013

8h15-9h00 Registration

9h00-9h20 Opening ceremony


9h20-10h20 Session 1: Advanced Modelling, Processing and Inversion I

Chairmen J. Van der Kruk & L. Laguerre


10h20-10h50 Coffee

10h50-12h30 Session 2: Student Prize

Chairmen C. Le Bastard & M. Ramdani


12h30-14h00 Lunch

14h00-14h40 Exhibitors & Poster « Flash » Presentations

Chairman X. Dérobert

14h40-15h40 Poster Session

Use of radar in road investigation BRRC experience Colette Gregoire and Carl Van Geem

Applications of a reconfigurable stepped frequency GPR in the Chapel of the Holy Spirit, Lecce (Italy) Raffaele Persico, Giovanni Leucci, Loredana Matera, Marcello Ciminale, Devis Dei, Filippo Parrini and Massimiliano Pieraccini

The discovery of a forgotten vault in the church of Sainte-Mesme (Les Yvelines) Nerouz Boubaki, Emmanuel Léger and Albane Saintenoy

Quantifying GPR transient waveforms in the intermediate zone Nectaria Diamanti, Peter Annan and David Redman

The effect of the height of the GPR antennas on the diffraction curve Raffaele Persico, Giovanni Leucci and Francesco Soldovieri

Sub-millimeter resolution GPR Vincent Utsi

A comparison of phase-shift and one-port coaxial cell permittivity measurements for GPR applications Wayne Muller and Xavier Dérobert

A Subspace Leakage Suppression Technique for High Resolution Processing of Dispersive GPR Signals Khaled Chahine, Vincent Baltazart and Yide Wang

Analysis of Time Interpolation for Enhanced Resolution GPR Data Andrew Strange

Design of Receiver with Wide Dynamic Range for Deep Ground Penetrating Radar Xu Wei, Lu Min and Huang Chunlin


15h40-16h10 Coffee

16h10-17h50 Session 3: Advanced Modelling, Processing and Inversion II

Chairmen E. Slob & A. Litman


Thursday July 4, 2013

8h30-9h00 Invited Talk 1 GPR case history and known physical principles D. J. Daniels, E. Utsi


9h00-10h00 Session 4: Antennas 1

Chairmen A. Giannopoulous & F. Soldovieri


10h00-10h20 Proposal for next IWAGPR

10h20-10h50 Coffee

10h50-11h30 Session 5: Antennas 2

Chairmen S. Lambot & C. Fauchard


11h30-12h30 Session 6: Bore-hole antennas

Chairman S. Ebihara


12h30-14h00 Lunch

14h00-15h40 Session 7: Advanced Modelling, Processing and Inversion III

Chairmen Y. Wang & A. Benedetto


15h40-16h10 Coffee

16h10-17h10 Session 8: Structures / Pavements 1

Chairmen T. Kind & G. Villain


17h10-17h50 Session 9: Buried Objects 1

Chairmen L. Capineri & J.P. Balayssac


18h30-20h00 Sightseeing Tour

Rendez-vous at « Machines de l'île » (GPS 47°12' 23"N, 1°33' 53''W)
2 Boulevard Léon Bureau, 44200 Nantes


20h00-23h00 Gala Dinner

Rendez-vous at Téo Restaurant (GPS 47°12' 8"N, 1°34' 22''W)
21 quai des Antilles Le Hangar à Bananes 44200 Nantes
phone +33 (0)2 40 08 90 28 - cell +33 (0)6 73 15 36 76

infos for the sightseeing tour and the gala dinner


Friday July 5, 2013

8h30-9h00 Invited Talk 2 Applications of Ground Penetrating Radar in Civil Engineering – COST Action TU1208 Lara Pajewski, Andrea Benedetto, Xavier Dérobert, Antonis Giannopoulos, Andreas Loizos, Guido Manacorda, Marian Marciniak, Christina Plati, Giuseppe Schettini and Immo Trinks


9h00-10h20 Session 10: Geology

Chairmen D. Leparoux & L. Eppelbaum


10h20-10h50 Coffee

10h50-11h30 Session 11: Buried Objects 2

Chairmen A. Ihamouten & U. Böniger


11h30-12h30 Session 12: Structures/Pavements 2

Chairmen J.M. Simonin & V. Baltazart


12h30-14h00 Lunch