Organized by

Ifsttar French Institute of Sciences and Technology for Transport, Development and Networks

CETE de l'Ouest Technical center of Transportation, Western Area

IETR Rennes Electronic and Telecommunication Institute


Scientific Committee

Balayssac J.P. France
Baltazart V. France
Bano M. France
Benedetto A. Italy
Capineri L. Italy
Cassidy N. United Kingdom
Crocco L. Italy
Fauchard C. France
Giannopulos A. United Kingdom
Gomez M. Spain
Hamran S.V. Norway
Hugenschidt J. Switzerland
Ihamouten A. France
Kind T. Germany
Laguerre L. France
Le Bastard C. France
Leparoux D. France

van der Kruk J. Germany
Lambot S. Belgium
Liu L. USA
Muller W. Australia
Pajewski L. Italy
Pieraccini M. Italy
Saarenketo T. Finland
Sagnard F. France
Sato M. Japan
Saintenoy A. France
Simonin JM. France
Slob E. The Netherlands
Soldovieri F. Italy
Tronicke J. Switzerland
Villain G. France
Wang Y. France
Xie X. China
Zanzi L. Italy


Local Committee

General Chair

Xavier Dérobert IFSTTAR

Local organizing Committee - Co-chairs

Vincent Baltazart (IFSTTAR), Raphaël Benot (CETE Ouest), Amine Ihamouten (CETE Ouest), Laurent Laguerre (IFSTTAR), Cedric Le Bastard (CETE Ouest), Donatienne Leparoux (IFSTTAR), Jean-Michel Simonin (IFSTTAR), Géraldine Villain (IFSTTAR), Yide Wang (IETR, Univ. Nantes), Nathalie Nedellec (IFSTTAR)